Jeffrey’s Place

This two-storey property had previously been neglected for years and the building received little natural light due to small windows and tight site constraints. The main emphasis of the project was to open up the building to more natural daylight, creating a bright and uncluttered office space using robust materials chosen for their longevity.

Sliding timber shutters echo original stable frontage when shut, whilst also providing control of privacy to the ground floor of the office. A zinc-clad roof extension was added with a large central skylight that pours light down into the spaces below.  

To rationalise wasteful corridor space, the building is divided by a folded steel staircase that connects all levels, defining more public spaces at the front and private spaces at the rear. Raw steel was chosen as a very deliberate reference to the building’s industrial past and it stands as a focal element against the otherwise simple material palette.

Shortlisted for AJ Small Projects  and Retrofit Awards 2019

Photography: Rory Gardiner
Location: Camden, London
Completed in: 2018
Internal area: 86sqm

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